Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pre-Departure Information

So, I leave for Italy in less than a month, but my departure from Berkeley is scheduled for this Saturday the 1st. I can't believe it's only been and already been one year in the Grand Apartment. I've watched love blossom between two of my best friends, been on incredible Jew-y adventures in Israel, gotten a tattoo, and even found some fusion-y romance of my own. It's hard leaving town when everything is going so well, but I'm glad that the memories I'll be taking with me are all so lovely to look back on. It's crazy to think that one year from now I'll probably be feeling just as conflicted about leaving Italy. Since this post isn't too exciting- seeing as it takes place from my bed on Ashby Avenue rather than some exotic European locale- I'll keep things brief. The adventure is about to begin. 

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fresh Ink

Susan and I got new tats. So we decided to start this blog off with a vaguely awkward picture of me naked with Susan kind of humping me. Because that's what we like to do in our spare time and we wanted this blog to reflect that.

So here we are, with our new tattoos courtesy of Alex at Industrial Tattoo. We're quite happy with them, so happy in fact, that we simply had to hump.

So, if this is any indication of how this blog will turn out, you are quite in luck.