Monday, May 30, 2011

Student Work

One teacher post. One of my students wrote an Ode to me for our poetry unit.

Ode to Ms. Applet

You are my
teacher but I
see you as a
You are sweet as
an apple.
When you teach
I feel like no
other teacher can
teach like you do.

When you teach us
You sound like
the Queen of them.
Ms. Applet you are
and especially a

Except for the fact that I obviously haven't taught them how to spell my name, I am truly touched.

The Last Three Months

It seems fitting that this blog entry sandwiches my first post in Chicago. Fitting because looking back on the last two years I quite literally had no time to think, to reflect, to write. When I got into teaching everyone told me that the most important thing to do during my first years of teaching is to write. And even though the most important and successful aspect of my teaching "career" (mini-career) was my ability to reflect on my effectiveness, I spent all of my reflection on teaching, and none on me.

So here I am with four weeks left staring in the face of a vastly neglected blog.

Another force propelling me towards memorializing is that I turn 24 tomorrow. This number is a little scary and unfamiliar to me. I don't quite identify with it yet, though I suppose I don't need to until tomorrow. The mid-twenties mark does seem an appropriate time to return to blogging. Maybe my mid-twenties with them will bring with them more wisdom and wit.