Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tales from the Crypt: Library Vampire

These are the sorts of stories that makes me totally devastated to be leaving the Conservation Department of a large library.

Last week the Conservation Department received a stack of books with a handwritten note

Dear Library Supervisor,

X (a library patron) committed suicide. His body was discovered .
(police report #, coroner's report #)

We Found some books in his apartment which we are returning to you.

*Note: There was a lot of mold in his apartment. The books should be sanitized before being stored so other books aren't damaged.

J (his neighbor)

P.S. He gambled by day-trading on the internet and was penniless when he died.
You may find me morbid for enjoying this letter. I find it fascinating, and disturbing, and sad. I think his neighbor included the day-trader business to excuse his neighbor's estate from responsibility to the library.

The best part of the story is that one of the books, about vampires, had a disturbing reddish/brown stain penetrating the entire volume. Our supervisor declared that it was simply an intense coffee stain, but I'm not so sure. He seems a bit like a vampire himself, so he might be in on the conspiracy.

Here is my theory. I think "J" is a vampire who gorged on his neighbor in the stress of the lengthening daylight hours/the recession. Maybe he saw that "X" was on his case, researching vampires to betray his secret identity. Vampires are usually pretty classy, and respect culture and the arts, so he couldn't not return "X's" books. Prove me wrong.

Friday, May 15, 2009

May Flowers

I've been busy finishing school and saying a long, sweet goodbye to California. David and I have been busy catching all of the things I want to do before leaving, including:

1) A fun-filled day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, complete with photo booth shots of our undying-cuteness.

2) Oakland A's games complete with beer and hot dogs (for me) and nachos (for him)

3) Nightlife at the California of Sciences. Cool fish and more expensive alcohol than you could shake your leg at. We both liked the albino alligator the best.

4) Free Comic Book Day at Berkeley's Comic Relief.

5) Star Trek opening night in costume. Spock and Bones, together again.

It's been an amazing month and I cringe to think of all the things I will miss next year on my solo-adventure to Chicago. I know in my heart that everything will be okay, better than okay. But it's hard not to feel vaguely devastated when I look at that face of his.