Monday, November 28, 2011

A Recipe - Susan


With your hands, pull together

this shaggy dough,

marbled with sweet butter,

smooth as the skin

across his shoulders, and also

freckled, with cinnamon and salt.


Apples for sweetness –

slice them thinly,

mound them up and tuck them in.

There will be too many to fit,

eat one with honey,

lick your fingers clean.


Play the serpent.

Kiss his lips and let him taste

the nectar on your tongue.

The air is heavy,

perfumed, sweet and spicy.

Realize, you are naked.


Eat your fill.

On Vegetarianism and Monogamy - Naomi

On Vegetarianism and Monogamy

First I
sauteed the onions
until the opaque became
Alternative ingredients
build and thicken the dressing
Substituting animal fruits for
kinder, inanimate nutrients

Meeting daily caloric needs
of intimacy can be strained.
Hunting and gathering
and touches
But to refrain from
against natural instincts--
evolutionarily seems

And yet--
the body moves more freely
not weighed down
with dense

And while beads
form and glisten
on the browning
skin of the turkey
I know
it will not be me
who dismantles
the strips of meat
with my tongue

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Food, glorious food!

In honor of Thanksgiving, I propose we write poetry about FOOD!  Food is such a big part of our, or any, culture.  So much of Susan and my time together has been around various kitchen tables, enjoying amazing food with people we love.  There are wonderful amazing things that people are doing with food, and also hurtful ways that food is used against us.  This is the first time I am preparing Thanksgiving dinner, and I am looking forward to doing some serious meditating on the food we eat, and the wonderful people I will be eating with!

Monday, November 7, 2011

News Poem

For this poem I drew inspiration from National Geographic - Jimmy's mom got us a subscription last Christmas and it has been a monthly source of wonder.


I want to talk about peripheries:

how we define ourselves by what surrounds us –

and what we keep at bay.

I was reading about the North,

about Scandinavia, up close to the Arctic.

There are people there, called Sami –

at the edge of all things, just before unending white.

They herd the reindeer, sing to them,

move with the living, beating, tide of fur and hoof

across imagined borders, inked and named

in far off, warmer places, where the lines are drawn.

I saw a picture, once, of galaxies colliding –

an image of the past so distant,

the mind recoils from the knowing.

Four arms encircled, spiraled tighter, and there,

became a Rose.

These stories are not connected.

Or, if they are, it is only from the outside,

looking in.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't Ask for the Meaning- Naomi

Here is my poem from the Social Media Found theme. All were notes on my Twitter feed. Luckily I follow some of the world's greatest minds, so my samples were extraordinary. Thanks New Yorker, John Darnielle, and Neil Gaiman!

Don't Ask for the Meaning

Now's the perfect time
Of the day,
lonely, cold, wet Halloween,
Beautiful and amazing.
Looking forward
Finally, the cries of our spiritual hunger are answered.
I felt it deserved to live
Petition to save
God Says
Lions mocking
A symbol left from the dictator’s regime
Postage stamps
Not sure I got what I was going for
A new chapter
The magical glorious peculiar show
in need of heavy editing
Humans evolved to be social creatures
Thank you to my co-conspirators--
Some of the world’s most beautiful.
Don’t ask for the meaning- ask for the use